Of course not… There is no microphone. Or is it? 

You can”hear me” right now. Read a meme with a picture of Morgan Freeman on it and sure enough you will “hear” his voice reading the text. That means a lot of things to me. It speaks of imagination, it speaks about branding… It speaks.

You can use Morgan’s voice to “hear” me right now. Maybe you did already, maybe you are doing so now. That is the power of a brand in action. People likes Morgan’s voice. That’s why he does so many voice over jobs, from documentaries to TV series.

Will I ever have such a voice? Perhaps one day. But for now, this blog here will do. This is my voice, a voice that comes from the heart and mind of someone who loves graphic design.

I always loved graphic design. I had been drawing since I was a kid. My first drawing was one of my grandma, on a blank page of a bible. My mom was and still is a great supporter of my talent; she even had my early drawings into a Museum exposition.

I did not pursue a career on it because of some issues. I was afraid to be a starving artist, afraid of breaking my hand and lose my job, afraid of not being good enough, afraid, afraid, afraid…

As an adult I wanted to go into GA&D but I never found a place to actually do so until I learned about Keiser University. The staff was very supportive and made jumping on board easy for me. Now I’m finally on my way to do what I always wanted to do as a kid. That’s why you see that pic of a Great White. Because they are a symbol of fearlessnesses and focus. They don’t stop or hesitate, they go full speed ahead.

Today I begin my journey into Graphic Arts & Design. I invite you to follow me on this new adventure. And hey, You might even request my service in the future!

Advertising, film, TV, websites, signs, magazines… I want to do it all. The sky is the limit. Let’s do this.



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