Beard Necessities 

Here am I on a crossroad

My wife doesn’t like my beard. Every now and then, we go through that routine: She express her opinion (which is always “I don’t like it “.) and I tell her “get used to it” and I soldier on… For a while. 

Women have a way to make men do things. In her case, she looks at me in a way that makes me feel rejected. She says my beard pinches her lips, so yesterday I decided to verify how does it really feel. I folded my lips inwards to feel the pinch and Holy Guacamole, she wasn’t lying. It felt like a bamboo splinter. 

So why do I keep insisting on having it?
Well, for starters, I had never been able to wear a beard for too long. Then there is the fact that I look younger than I am, and without the beard I look even younger. People rarely guess, they actually guess “25” and that makes me laugh. It wasn’t fun when I was 18 and could not enter into a club, while younger friends who look older went in like nothing, but now it feels great. Those who looked older then, look way older now, with white hair, wrinkled, potbellied, balding…
But although it feels good to hear people saying that I look younger than my real age (which will help me get a job in my new field, hopefully) there is a part of me who wants to look his age. A part of me that wants to reinvent myself. Yesterday a coworker didn’t recognize me. It felt good, it told me that I was being successful at it.
I had been changing internally. If I look a mere 5 years back, I am a very different person. I am way more mature (way!!), responsible, reliable, focused and energetic today that I was 10 years ago.
Society has different standards on how they treat people. I feel that people treat me with more respect when I have the beard than when I shave and look way younger.
So the other option is to TRIM IT, but I’ll be damned if I know how to do that. Never done it. I plan to go tomorrow and get it trimmed, in hopes of catching the Barber’s technique and then do it at home. Maybe you will see me at class (if you are in my class AND actually are doing the blog task) with a new look, maybe not. We will see.
Stay tuned… 
(Which team are you? Team Beard or Team shave?
 Let me know in the comments!)


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