Today at school we had to do a marquee for some promotional material (or brand) and I spent a while measuring my pieces (a mail envelope, stationery, a business card and a flyer. I put them all on a piece of foam core (which is like a hard cardboard) that I measured as perfect as I could. Then we glued the set pieces on the board and we were done. 

Or so I thought.

We needed now to do a presentation in front of the whole class, but the catch is, it was in front of people from “group B” (for lack of a better name). Guys who had been there a while and can actually do a critique. And critique they did. I actually agreed with virtually all that they said. And I know that accepting criticism is not only a learning tool, but also helps me grow.

So, I was nervous for just a second. Then I was at ease. Maybe talking loud to strangers at work has helped me to do that, or maybe the fact that I felt for the first time the joy of doing what I always wanted to do. 

I used to watch “Bewitched ” and because of Darrin I wanted to work in advertising. I love commercials of any kind or medium. So for a bit I felt like I was Role playing him. Then it hit me:

I can. And I will. This is my thing. This is my time. And nothing will stop me.

M. A.


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