Can you believe that we are halfway through the first class? It’s going fast.

I have so many things going on in my life that it seems like the opposite, though. My job is 65 miles away from my house (why? that’s a story for some other day) and the school campus itself is a good 30 minutes or more from home, without traffic. I work all night, sleep like 5 hrs at best and then I have a mere 6hrs to do the “family” part of my life. As a consequence of all of that my days feel LONG. But you know what?

I’m happy.

I’m happy and grateful for my salary (and having a job, although I had never liked it), I’m happy with my house (which I rented, but liked it so much that I bought it, even though is wasn’t for sale… that is also a story for later). I’m happy for my kids and wife, never mind the fact that we are not exactly a harmonious family. Hell, I’m even happy for my 66 miles, because I look at the opposite side of the road and the traffic jam is horrible, I work at night so I drive the opposite way. 

But most of all I’m happy about being FINALLY a graphic arts & design student. It’s what I always wanted.

What’s after that, I don’t know. Film maker? Advertisement agency? YouTube personality? There is one place I would sell everything and move to California TODAY: The Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. ( ). I am a big fan of the Muppets and as a kid I made my own with no training whatsoever. It would be a dream job. 

What will the future bring? I don’t know. But I’m happy to think that I have a better future ahead of me, a future better than living to pay taxes and die.

Am I’m happy and grateful for that. Stay tuned.


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