Bright day Preeper

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You know about Doomsday Preppers, right?

Yeah, those weirdos that stockpile on food and supplies in preparation of an imminent collapse of civilization as we know it? Well, turns out that they are really not that weird after all…

I mean, digging in your patio to build a whole house underground with enough¬†applesauce to feed the children of your grandchildren¬†is kinda loony. But being prepared for something that you¬†think is¬†imminent isn’t. As you may or may not recall from a past post that I made while in the middle of a Hurricane down here in Sunny Central Florida, I was nervous because I was unprepared. So what we are talking about today is PREPARATION. And I learned while in the Military that you cannot be too prepared.

A month or so before I even knew that I was going back to college I played a lottery ticket, and hit it with almost $300. I wanted to do something I always dreamt of. So, I went online and bought a Green Screen studio kit, complete with lights and all. Then I felt the itch to do puppets again, I used to do them as a kid and I knew I would enjoy that. But then, after buying a lot of stuff (some of it, like beeswax) that I don’t even remember their purpose, I decided to go back to school and finally get into the thing I know I was born to do. (Since I was a kid I remember delighting my family with jokes, and with my puppets!! I saw a puppeteer on a TV show and I cannot explain this but I, as such a short age, figured out how to do these puppets.¬†Kudos to my MOM,¬†because even though we were always broke she didn’t even hesitated to buy me the things that I, with zero experience, required for my project.¬†She also got some of my drawings to a freakin’ exhibition, in an actual museum, for crying out loud…¬†)¬†I had been a student for a couple of months now, and it has been challenging, but rewarding. I work very far away from my house, and even college is a good half an hour away or more from home. So…

The filming and puppet stuff has been put on hold. I really don’t have the time or the energy. But like a good prepper, I know that you cannot wait until the storm is near to prepare yourself. For that reason, the other day I decided to invest in my future and buy some more equipment. I got myself a Wacom intuos comic tablet; a freakin’¬†Nikon D3300 camera bundle that I looked for like a needle in a haystack all week long, and a drawing kit, shown below. But why?

tucanWHY? Because I think that the second half of my life is gonna be really different, that’s why. And that I am the only one who can¬†drive myself¬†into the direction that I always wanted to go. I used to talk about things that hold me back, but the thing that holds me back the most is the Man in the Mirror. I am inspired by guys like Stan Lee, who is almost 100yrs old and it’s still doing his thing. If I live to be 90… that means that half of my life is already gone. So I have to start doing this thing. Now. Look at Leslie Jones, for example. A couple of years ago, no one really knew her. Now she is know all around the world. As a ghostbuster, no less. And yes, I liked that movie.

So yeah, I’m stockpiling. The time will come were I will be able to do commercials, movies, comics…¬†As any prepper will tell you, you have no idea, really, when will the thing that you feel is gonna happen will finally happen.

But when it does, we will be ready.









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