HTML Does not stand for “Hot Tamales, Margarita, lemon”…

I remember when I was a wee lad back in the 90{s, just joined the ARMY and 2 years later I got married. That same year I acquired my first computer. We are talking about the days of AOL, people… with just a local line to connect. My Modem was like 14kb. But that annoying sound tasted like glory, because it meant that you were connected to this new window to the world.

And boy, it was a world. It would be mediocre to the eyes of anyone born after 2000, because there was no social media, no MP3s, no iPhone, no YouTube… Having a page was so rare that it was kinda fancy to see a company having one. I remember seeing on a POPS box “LOOK! We are on the web.” and I thought that it was the coolest thing. It took the world by a storm. It is unbelievable for me that not even 20 years ago I only have CD’s, records and TAPES to listen to music. People who saw the potential for business made a fortune, on a bubble that later popped rather violently.

I used to be an early adopter (when I was single… and I only have to worry about myself) so I was on my second computer before people even got their first one. More than that, I BUILD that sucker. Speed was an issue, and I always wanted more. I’m very grateful for High Speed Internet!

But the funny thing is, I always wanted to program my own stuff, and even went to school for it but studying online back in the day was about the hardest thing to do. With the speeds available, it will take you a whole day to search between Yahoo and Ask Jeeves for your answers. They showed me how to build a page but honestly I had never typed a line of code before, we did it by using a Microsoft Office program and then send it to our teacher on an email or hand carry it on a FLOPPY DISK so HE could upload it to the web himself. So it was nothing like this.

I love HTML, I feel it intuitive, I still have a lot to learn but I learn by DOING, you can talk to me all you want but the real way for me to grasp concepts are by rolling my sleeves and getting down to business.

Here is my first successful attempt at code:


Today I copied almost line by line a code given at school. I changed the text that you read, but the core of the webpage, the skeleton of it, was on that paper and I need to keep doing those so I can have those “hum….” and “a-ha!” moments and eventually I learn to navigate those like a map… without looking at a map, because I know the road.

Did it changed the world? You bet. Not only the world, but us too. And I feel right now this same big eyed wonder I felt the first time I saw yahoo on a big clunky PC. Coding is my Train ticket out of Slaveville.

You watch.


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