You’re going to need a bigger boat. 

I knew that at one point or the other I would feel overwhelmed by all the things that I have to balance in my life. School is not a curve ball in my life, unless you substitute the ball with a meteor… anyhow, THIS is the one week I’m kinda lost. And by Kinda I mean REALLY lost. I have to turn in a 5 page website by Tuesday the 21st. Well, right now is 2:55 of Monday the 20th. And I am still nibbling on the details of how can I use Dreamweaver, do HTML CODE and CSS. And not only that, it’s my First page ever, and it has to be 5 pages worth of Copyright law. No pressure, right?

To top it all off, I’m at work 66 miles away from home, and it’s foggy. Actually, the worst fog that I had ever seen. So my idea of rushing home and sleep some, then wake up around noon and go full hog on this it’s now compromised by how quick I can go home today. All the odds are against me.

***AND I LOVE IT***. 

What, you thought I was whining and making excuses? Hell no! I am against the ropes but I am a fighter, always been, and I work better when the clock is ticking. My only real fear is that I do such a great job for a first try that people will think that I cheated. But this is not about another A on my grade book, or to brag about it. Graphic arts are in my blood and Web Design is my golden ticket out of my Smoke-And-Mirrors of a job. 

I am a 🦈 shark 🦈, and we have something in common. We go full speed ahead towards our prey and we never, ever stop until we get our prey. Sharks don’t quit. Sharks are fearless, determined, decisive, and aggressive towards their goal. 

I am a Shark. 


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