Oh, hi there!

I had been working real hard the last couple of days on my Web Design class. I have to say that I had enjoyed every single class so far, and this one it’s no exception.

The last couple of days I had been stressing over the making of a webpage. Even though I erased all of my Social Media Apps and my games in the hopes of concentrating more on my classes, I still feel kinda lost, BUT I am getting there. Nowadays when I have a minute to spare I use one of the fantastic SoloLearn apps to teach myself code. I think that I have a bright future on that particular thing, but I also want to concentrate on the ART of design, film, animation, etc.

Tonight I had been following a project for my class from a book called AGAINST THE CLOCK, which it was so confusing to me that I felt like I was reading Chinese, but I am getting there. After a not-so-successful attempt to do this as a group with a fellow student, I found that I did it way faster on my own. As soon as my friend left, a happy accident happened. The Dreamweaver program quit on me, so I have to start from scratch, which was the second time I did so because we used the wrong files at first. But that was a good thing because by going over and over again I GRASPED THE CONCEPT BETTER, and although the whole concept has not jelled quite right in  my brain yet, I am getting there.

So here at home, while listening to some Right Said Fred and some Lorde, I started from scratch again and now I am way more confident than when I started. I even messed around with the website I need to present tomorrow, I wish I had attacked the project earlier so it would not look like a tribute to the AOL times. But hey, it will be FUNCTIONAL, and that is progress. I am PAUSING, not quitting, for now because it is almost 2am and I have class at 9 today. Then off to my dead end job for the last 15 years, which will not be for much longer. I have a goal, and it is to break free from that Dog and Pony show as soon as I can. And I will prevail.

Pfff, have you ever seen a shark quit? Of course not. See you on the flipside.





(You might be asking…. What’s the deal with this guy and sharks?

Well, allow me to tell you. In 1975 my mom had the brilliant idea of taking me to see JAWS on the big screen. I was so traumatized afterwards that even a drawing of a shark of any kind will shake me to the core. One day I realized that the only way that I was going to conquer that phobia was to learn from it. So I educated myself about sharks and I know more stuff about it that your regular Joe. But the real test was to confront the monster. So in 1998 I drove 12 hours from NC to FL to go to the Universal Studios Jaws ride and I was SHAKING on the cue, especially because the freaking Jaws theme was playing aloud the whole time.

I almost quit, but I was having my wife taping the whole thing and I drove for so many hours and I would not quit. The moment I sat on that boat I felt horrible, and the second that I saw that dorsal fin I covered my eyes and suddenly I was that 5yr old kid hiding behind the movie theater seat. But I knew that I only needed to see one thing: His DEATH. And I sure did… and the moment I saw the monster in flames and sinking, I felt free. I still have an occasional jump scare with a vid or a pic but for the most part I’m ok. Am I ready to  jump on a cage with them in the open sea? Hell no. I don’t even thing I could see a live one right in front of me.

But I do admire his attitude, his determination, his power… and that’s why I call Great White Sharks my spirit animals. They never stop, they never quit… and neither do I.

Such a majestic beast! )




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