The Enemy Within 

Sometimes I say that the only one person I trust is the Man in the Mirror. But that is the same man that tells me that we are going to start diet and exercise on Monday and he lies. It’s not happening. 

The man in the mirror is a wicked one. He whispers on my ear that I need to buy gear to make movies, and materials to make muppets, but then after I buy the stuff he switches gears and convinces me that today is not a good day. “You are tired. You need to rest. That green screen project? Do it some other time, that’s a lot of work and you will be exhausted by the time you are done setting it up, and you still have to pack it back, then deal with the movie editing….”

The point is, I had come to realize that I’m my worst critic and my worse advisor. That freezes me motionless, to the point that I bought the green screen equipment 1 or 2 weeks before September and most of it it’s still in the boxes.

Will my graphic design/animator/voice over/movie editor/Muppeteer end up being sabotaged by the man in the mirror? 

Time will tell.